Started in 2014 in Salt Lake City, UT Brandon started seeing how great and beneficial these e-cigarettes were becoming to people all over the world Brandon decided he wanted to be a part of it and be involved. At first, he took all the normal steps and bought the most basic e-cigarettes on the market and slowly built his way up into re-buildable. After struggling to find a juice that was right for him and something that he really loved and could do all day every day he decided to try it out on his own. The word got out and soon the industry loved the creation so much that The Chubby Baker was born and the local community loved it.

This line exploded so fast and grew so fast that soon he decided to release a new line of flavors called Tyrant Juices http://www.tyrantjuices.com. Both of these lines are thriving and growing into one of the most popular lines of juices on the market.

This company does not cut corners and uses only the best premium ingredients to make a juice that is so tasty you can’t help but vape it all day.

Brandon founded these juices off of pressure from the industry and local stores wanting to carry the juices he created to kick the nasty habit and since then he has never looked back. He supports the industry and everyone in it and couldn’t be happier to see people kicking the nasty habit and enjoying his creations.

Torrie also was a pack a day smoker and she made it look so easy to get rid of the cigarettes habit and move right on over to the ecig alternative and never looked back. She was the biggest support system that Brandon had to start this company and soon the decision was made to bring her on as the co-owner of the company.

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