What is an E-Cigarette?

An e-cig is an electrical device that vaporizes e-liquid into an inhalable form. It is an alternative way to obtain the nicotine your body is craving. Made from three component parts; a rechargeable battery, a tank, and an atomizer, easy enough for any adult to use and make the switch to vaping.


What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhalation and exhalation of vapor when using an electronic cigarette / vaporizer. It is the evolution of smoking, replacing many negative associations with the old habit of tobacco combustion.


How is e liquid made?

Mixing, blending, steeping.  E-liquid isn’t as easy as you may think and all though yes, there are only a small amount of ingredients – Propylene Glycol (used mainly as a carrier for flavorings), Vegetable Glycerin, natural and artificial flavorings including the use of a sweetener and (if applicable) nicotine. It is vital that the companies/persons making the product be attentive to detail to make sure these things are done correctly, or the end result may not turn out to be very good.


How much nicotine is in e-liquid? Are there nicotine-free versions available?

Nicotine is calculated as a proportion of the e-liquid. So, if you have a 60ml bottle of 3mg nicotine – the percentage of nicotine in that bottle is 1.8%, totaling 3mg. Usually e-liquids come in the following order of nicotine strengths 6mg, 3mg and 0mg (zero nicotine) – So yes, you can still vape liquids without any nicotine.



Do any of The Chubby Baker E-Juices contain unsafe levels of Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP), and/or Acetoin?

The Chubby Baker/Tyrant has tested the following juices in its juice line and has determined that they DO NOT contain unsafe levels of DA or AP.


 What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine Salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in leaf tobacco and is generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine vs. traditional freebase nicotine salt found in most e-liquids.  Nicotine Salt requires a higher temperature in order to properly vaporize and the ions don’t travel to the nicotine receptors in your body as easily.  In other words, Nicotine Salts are not the most efficient way to deliver nicotine to your body…so why use it?


Most everything we’ve been taught about e-liquid would lead us to believe that 50mg of nicotine would be extremely harsh and even potentially dangerous, but Nicotine Salt e-liquids have a special ingredient called Benzoic Acid that helps to make Nicotine Salts as smooth and palatable in higher strengths.

Benzoic Acid serves a few purposes:

  • It allows the Nicotine Salt to vaporize at much lower temperatures.
  • It lowers the pH levels in the Nicotine Salt, which in turn produces a smoother hit
  • It causes a reaction which allows Nicotine Salt to be absorbed as easily as Freebase Nicotine.

Because of this Benzoic Acid, most people are able to easily handle higher nicotine strengths and the Nicotine Salt is absorbed by your body much more efficiently.


The biggest difference between Freebase Nicotine and Nicotine Salts is the harshness that higher levels of nicotine typically lead to.  Freebase Nicotine has a higher pH level which in turn affects the alkalinity, meaning that Freebase Nicotine gets much harsher as the nicotine level goes higher.  Because of the Benzoic Acid found in Nicotine Salts, they have a lower pH level and are therefore much more smooth and enjoyable.


What is the difference between sub ohm nicotine salt and pod salts?

Really not much. They contain the exact same ingredients but with sub ohm salts the nicotine is lower to allow for more power and production and with the pod salts they are a low power/output system that allows for the nicotine content to be higher and not cause a negative experience on the user


Will I have an allergic reaction?

This is very possible YES!!!  Depending on the person and the juice it is possible to have allergic reactions to these products.  Some people are allergic to PG and since the flavorings are food grade and will contain some natural ingredients stay away from the flavors that you wouldn’t be able to eat.  Just know what your allergies are and be safer than sorry.


I have heard vaping is safer than smoking, is that true?

Studies have found vaping is 95% safer than smoking. But we still cannot say this for sure. Scientific studies are still ongoing, and the outlook is good.

Can I use an e-cigarette in the Stop Smoking Services?

Yes. Experts think that e-cigarettes are, based on what we know so far, less harmful than cigarettes. Smoking is associated with several very serious health risks to both the smoker and to others around them. So, switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes substantially reduces a major health risk.